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How to create a personal business closeness that leads to a relationship?

Many times when someone says the word closeness, they talk about physical closeness. In a business environment, there is closeness but it is expressed only by feeling and not physical contact. This closeness leads to a relationship.


This usually happens following these steps:

Step One - Chemistry - (usually at a networking meeting) Every time two people meet there is a kind of test that we do for each other, usually we are not even aware of it;

The way we test those who talk to us is by listening to their answers and stories; we want to find one or more common denominators,

In addition, we look at body language and smiles to get the complete picture.

In a relatively short time, we have a conclusion about the person we talked to.

Following a brief meeting, there are usually two options:

1. An unequivocal decision is made - there is a desire to continue the relationship and to the same extent there is no desire to continue

2. No decision is made - there is a feeling it was nice to meet, but not enough knowledge to decide. In most cases, the connection happens later (or not)

create closeness

Step two - Openness - (usually in 1X1 meetings) We talk about our business and also about life, family, and interesting moments that reveal new sides. In a meeting where you feel comfortable talking to the other party, there is room to talk about personal things


Step Three - Relationship (Business Of course) - At this point, you set up to meet and go to conferences and networking, keep in touch with messages and phones, make referrals to each other, and always have a good feeling when there is an opportunity to meet.

Certainly, the more relationships you have created through networking events, the stronger your business will grow.

Good luck!

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