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Networking at Conferences and events

The service we offer is intended for organizers of conferences and trade shows worldwide. One of the main goals of the participants at such events is to do networking, but at gatherings of hundreds of people, it’s not always easy to connect with new and relevant people in a specific occupation. Due to the overload of hundreds of booths and offers, trade show attendants usually tend to socialize with people they already know. This behavior creates sometimes the feeling that the event did not produce the desired results and plants a seed of doubt in their minds about whether or not they will come back again next time.


Networking Cafe” is a special way to upgrade your event and to offer participants a significant added value. The goal is allowing visitors and exhibitors to create and nurture long-term business relationships, creating productive collaborations, and acquiring new customers. The larger your professional network gets, the easier it is to open doors and to realize business potential. Conferences and trade shows are an ideal occasion for such activities and by using our service, organizers will be able to attract many visitors.


• Would you like to create a better interaction between the participants of your event?

• Is it important to you that the event is considered a success in the eyes of the visitors?

• Would you like to know what will attract more trade show attendees next time?

Networking at Conferences

Please contact us if questions like these are running through your mind. Due to our extensive experience, we will be able to upgrade your networking infrastructure and to provide business people with the tools necessary to maximize the potential of each event. In addition, we can also organize knowledge transfer sessions in the field of cross-cultural communication which helps in bridging the cultural gap when doing business with partners and visitors from abroad.


The activity of “Networking Cafe” at your conference or trade show will create an atmosphere for quality connections between participants and with exhibitors. An additional result is a significant increase in the satisfaction of advertisers and more buzz around the event. The attendees have the opportunity to socialize with existing customers and also to acquire new potential customers, be exposed to innovative products, and get to know helpful services according to their needs. Once the participants of the event feel the added value they will be happy to recommend you and thus attract more visitors to your next conference or trade show, at no cost for marketing and advertising.

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