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Which hat is right for you?

compliment or protect us from the sun, but the business that we go with.

There are many situations like the Corona that we want to make changes or add another business hat before you publish it to everyone, you have to understand the implications:


- I have two hats and there are those who will also say three (I even met him!) - If you think they will remember you and all your hats, there is a big mistake here. People hardly remember each other so they probably won't remember hats. In order to remember you and your business in the long run, it is important to persevere and strengthen the branding of just one hat.


- Will you be ready to pay for a chef's restaurant as you pay for a dinner? Anyone who does many things at the same time will not be accepted as an expert. The way people look at someone who is inconsistent will be suspicious and they will be afraid to pass on leads to those who are not targeted in a specific area as opposed to another business owner who has extensive knowledge and experience in one area.

hat in networking

- Google reveals everything and Facebook too! - Have you informed everyone of your new expertise? In a short web search, people can check you out - see what you've written about yourself, customer testimonials, what posts you've uploaded, and more. It's very easy to understand what your hat is, compared to the new announcement.


- Are you serious? - Changes on a regular basis in your business, or changes on a regular basis in your occupation, can cause the other party to be insecure about you.


Every change has implications, and they are especially long-term. Even if it seems to be the right step at a certain time, it is worth thinking and checking before setting off.

Good luck!

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