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Only 30% of your business network works...

Only 30% of your business network works

You've been active in networking for a while, it's time to move things!

Networking works all the time but it's just like fitness training - the question is how much effort you put into achieving your goals

It is better to have one workout a week than not at all - unequivocally this is true, but when you want to see results faster, you need to invest more and add workouts.

Go back to networking and talk about your network of connections.

Phrases to be taken out before reading the rest -

I don't feel comfortable

But we did not talk for a long time

I must have forgotten

I do not feel comfortable

And more...


The network of connections you have created over the years accompanies you to a certain level but for the most part, we are in contact with a limited number of people mainly due to lack of time. We write Happy Birthday on Facebook, sometimes responding to acquaintances' posts, and it's legitimate that this is how it works.

When work goes down and there is more time, this is exactly the point where we need to reconnect and increase our activity with the network of contacts from 30% to at least 60%



Things happen all the time - people change jobs, move to a new place, get married/divorced (or on the way to), change the field of business, and many other examples of us and the people around us.

How does this affect you? It is precisely thanks to these changes that you can become relevant.

Not just changes, when there is so much going on, we are forgotten and it is a good time to mention that we exist.

What is the best way to renew the relationship?

In the conversation, tell about your situation (it is better to be authentic and real), what you are looking for, and what can help you, people want to help and will be happy that they contributed to you in one way or another.

And at the same time, think about how you can help and what to offer to the other side.

Everyone needs or wants something, see where you can contribute.


It is important that you are prepared with a company profile, and an updated website and if you have lectures/workshops, make sure you have a page with all your lectures.


Many of those you contact will be able to pass on your details to others, so it is recommended that everything be ready to be sent at that moment.

Good luck!

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