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What is the connection between:
Marketing - corona - networking and toilet paper?

There is an amazing lesson on creating a need thanks to COVID-19 and each of us must learn it and understand how to assimilate it in our own business.


Toilet paper and alcohol gel ran out of every shelf in every store in the world! It became the talk of the day. Some of you may still have enough toilet paper for the next decade...


Please ask yourself the following question - Did you check that there is a lack of any of them before buying or if you really need so many of them?


Probably the answer would be - no, they talked about it in the news, I've seen on Facebook etc.

Toilet paper

Good, so what does all this mean and what can we take from it?

- There is no need to wait for a specific need until you can offer your product

- You can make enough noise on social networks for your product/service awareness

- With the help of your community and friends, the road shortens

- It is important to have a logical explanation of why the client should buy and it is also recommended to connect it to the time order

- Don't miss opportunities when you see them!

- It is recommended to adapt the existing product/service if there are environmental changes

- Constantly market and be out there for as many people as possible. People are buying more from a brand they know and can recognize


And one more thing - don't believe what's in the news or social media, check before you buy...

Good luck.

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