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Deepening the connection in networking and relationships.

I made a mistake! - It happens, nothing to do. It happens to everyone at least once, if something was missed or there was an error in the word or date, it damages that person's posting.

If you see a mistake, you may want to update your colleague with what you have seen, it shows caring and brings you closer to that person with a lot of appreciation for you.


I've seen something that might interest you - it's flattering that someone thinks of us! Even if it is something small or even irrelevant, there is someone who has bothered and sent us something that can help us, it is wonderful.

If you saw something that could be good for someone else? Make the effort and send it.


Say thank you everyone will see! - Did you enjoy a post you read and it helped you? Don't Just Make a Like - Respond and write down how it contributed to you, it will complement the writer and also help promote it.


Great article! - After writing a post or article where there is a lot of thought and time invested, there is nothing more flattering than when a colleague turns and asks us to post it on their page or group, it contributes to everyone and WIN-WIN.

It will make the other person follow us, reward us, and create a mindset for collaboration.


I recommend you! - Of course, this is the most meaningful way to deepen the connection in networking, thanks to expressing your trust in that person when someone else requests a work recommendation for them.


These insights contribute greatly to deepening the relationship as opposed to a little effort. Aim to help 2-3 colleagues a week, your network of connections will be greatly strengthened.

Good luck!

Deeping the connection
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