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I invited Kineret to conduct a workshop on Networking for last year's undergraduates of Tec de Monterrey.
The event was a big success. Kineret brought to the audience content and powerful tools that will serve the students years forward and tons of positive energy. She successfully moved everyone out of their comfort zone with a smile and compassion. This workshop had a wow effect on the campus. Students and participating staff gave very positive feedback mentioning that everyone found one or two practical things for the future,
I strongly recommend Kineret Aizenberg as a networking specialist and good lecturer to anyone who wants to know and practice networking.

Dr. Alex Lapshun, Mexico City.

Creating a strong personal brand is essential for both professional and business success in today's fast-paced and competitive world. Your personal brand reflects your unique value proposition, your strengths, and your expertise, and it helps you stand out from the crowd in a crowded job market or business landscape.

By developing a compelling personal brand, you can attract new opportunities, build trust and credibility with your audience, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Thank you very much Kineret Aizenberg, for such amazing lecture and networking activities you designed for us as part of our April’s Professional #networking event in #mexicocity.
You are welcome to visit us anytime in the future and, of course, we will stay in touch!!

Suzana Nila, Mexico City.

Kineret realized that networking is not just referrals - it is creating a supportive community that is at every stage of business development. Anyone who understands the power of this community can use it to break through. Ehud Helzinger

I have been doing networking for many years but effective networking like the networking & and wine meetings in the tourism field I have not found anywhere in Israel! (And believe me, I was looking) I highly recommend everyone who is in the field of tourism to attend the meetings dedicated to it! Eli Vogman

The networking and wine platform provides fine networking, with many people coming to make connections and give value. But it's much more than that, it's a platform that encourages you to invest in your business, allows you to learn and get tips from professionals, and puts you in a different marketing atmosphere. The platform's creator, Kineret Aizenberg, who has vast knowledge and experience in marketing and business development, gives her knowledge and connections in abundance and makes everyone who comes to the meetings want to be in the amazing environment she created. All this ultimately leads to good business and success. Vera Orman

Networking Wine is a networking group that makes you a better business owner, who knows how to present himself, how to talk to other business owners, how to collaborate, and most importantly, creates true friendships among business owners who create quality leads. Ronen Komemi

Kineret taught me to love business networking - not just the leads and the results, but the process itself. I have participated in many of her excellent networking events, and have come to love what I previously hated! E.N. Ethan

For four years now I have been doing networking solely through networking and wine. This is the only place a business owner needs. Quality business contacts and excellent lectures and activities. Peter Hod

Every time I go in for 'Networking and Wine' a platform that helps share your business, created and developed by Kineret, I learn something intensely important for improving my business as well as I meet people that help me expand my connections with others. Kineret is like the sun, she is always bright and shining. She has an incredible talent to bring people together for business development and I am pretty sure everyone will enjoy a cup of coffee with her!  Rosana Cohen

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