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The connection between customer service and networking.

Good customer service makes us feel good that the business owner cares about us and pay attention to us.

Thanks to good customer service create a connection to the brand even if it is a small business.


The results contribute a lot to the fact that customers will recommend us to others and of course come back and buy from us again and again.

In networking customer service is expressed when someone asks for help about doing something or referral to a specific professional and we need to help them but we do not always have the answer they asked for.

Here are some options -

1. Ignore the request because there is nothing to offer

2. Tell that person what you would do in such a case

3. Find out yourself for that person what needs to be done and whom it is recommended to connect with


In cases 2 or 3 - you bought yourself a fan. Many times the little tip you gave to that person was worth a lot and saved hours of tinkering with the same subject.

Customer service | Networking

Sometimes we do not want to make an effort and go into the small details because there are cases where there are additional questions, but the recommendation is to get used to it and "be a service provider" on a daily basis.

This way you will gain more and more fans, and they will remember you positively, which will result in a commitment to you.


The goal is to create a network of connections and be part of a contributing community, rather than creating the commitments towards us.

A community that works for each other gives a lot to its members and most of the time we will help one and get help from another.

Good luck!

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