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The unwritten agreements in networking...

In every field, there are unwritten agreements, that have been created thanks to the norm and culture of relationships.

In networking, there is an emphasis on creating connections and in order for them to mature, agreements need to be met.


The first agreement - we are here to get to know each other at the business level - it is important that the conversation / meeting be dignified and respectful, that everyone has the same time to tell about themselves and respect the time and place.


The second agreement - what is presented is what exists - if it is said that there is knowledge or expertise to do a particular thing, it must be by the same person presenting it (not that there is an external party giving that service to that person).


The third agreement - keeping your word - if there was a promise to send an email, call, or meet, it should be fulfilled by the person who promised it (including arriving at the scheduled time of the meeting).


The fourth agreement - not to sell to the other person - is always surprising the first time ... So what did I come for?? Networking aims to build a network of connections that will promote you and not buy from you (if that happens, it's great, but that's not the goal).


The fifth agreement - no one owes you anything - even if it was wonderful to get to know each other and even deepen the bond, it does not require the person to want to refer to you. It could be for a million reasons and it has nothing to do with you.

There are lots of other unwritten agreements and you will get to know them as time goes on.

Respect the others and make sure they respect you too, at every stage.

Good luck!

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