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What are the calls to action that will make people do what you want?

A call to action comes anywhere in life where you want someone to do a certain thing, it can be from a potential client press the call now button to a kid who goes to bed on time.


It is important to understand that in order for someone to listen to you, a few things have to happen:

  1. Before the call to action, you must impress at the highest level

  2.  Especially in self-presentation - show confidence

  3.  Say or write the call to action in the imperative - call/join/click and more (command)


Call to action is what you always forget to add in self-presentation because you are sure your listeners will understand whom to refer to,

Well, it doesn't work that way, the majority needs guidance on what you expect from them.

call to action

Here are great examples for your self-presentation:

  • Join my business page/newsletter / Instagram profile

  •  If you know/hear someone say _____ contact them tome because _____

  • I am looking to meet ____ from _____ - It is important to understand that if you ask for a general job description, the chances that you will get it are low. For example: "I'm looking for commercial real estate agents" is very general and unclear, however: I would love to connect with realtors who work with businesses in Tel Aviv, This will bring people to think and act to look for someone they know.

  • I would love to meet with ______ for collaboration on the following matter _______ - When it is clear what you aim for, the percentages for connecting are rising.


There are many more calls to action, learn them in time. It is also recommended to change it from time to time and see what works better.

Good luck!

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