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Networking – How to create my marketing people – part 1

Networking consistently increases in importance for a business today. This is an inseparable part of a business's marketing efforts, starting from professional conferences, to attending different events and including networking organizations that meet on a weekly basis.


What networking provides:

  • Long-term business contacts

  • Initial exposure to new colleagues

  • Familiarity with competitors and assessment of their marketing techniques

  • Connections built around personal acquaintance

  • A network of "reciprocal" marketing people


The percent of income resulting from networking increases based on participation in different networking events, and also by creating continuity in maintaining contact with relevant business owners. Business is usually generated after a few months of consistent involvement on a weekly-to-bimonthly basis while focusing on regular contact with those to whom you made the right connection. These repeat encounters build trust and a serious inclination toward business collaboration between those who attend.

In crowded networking meetings, it's important to stand out. We all have short memories, so the goal is to leave a lasting impression.

So, what should you do?


  • Share something unusual in your business

  • Use key sentences, such as "Do you know someone with a broken computer? I am the right address."

  • Ask for focused referrals by asking your contact for the name of a specific person who might be a good fit for your services.

  • Highlight your unique value proposition and make yourself visible in a way that is authentic to you and your business.


Most important – Don't talk about what you are not.


Maintain contact with those you meet, even if at a "low dosage" using social networks.

What next?


Follow up on promises made during the meeting – you said you would call – now do it.  The other party is waiting for your call.  Set a meeting date, even if it can't be for another few weeks, it's still better than radio silence.


Connect to Power Circles – these are the business owners with an identical audience to yours, so you can easily collaborate and share business referrals.

Digital social media

Maintain contact with those you met, even if at a "low dosage" using social networks.

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