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What is the ideal connection and why is this issue so confusing?

Each of us has goals and desires, we know our target audience (if not, it's the time!), Reaching the target audience can be reached in different ways whether for a fee or not.

Networking allows us to reach key people who can promote us and connect us very easily compared to many hours of work and money investment.


The confusing part when searching for a connection-

The automaton, especially when the business situation is in decline, is to look for customers who will generate income, it makes a lot of sense and is natural to think so.

Networking works differently, there is no search for a customer, but connections through which several customers can be reached.


See example:

Let's take for that matter - a financial advisor, there are quite a few business owners with financial difficulties in the community and logic says there are a lot of clients here, but none of them want others to know about it.

In addition, if the counselor offers his service to a specific person, that person will have an unpleasant feeling and embarrassment.

The alternative - the financial advisor will arrange a meeting with a marketing advisor from the community who works with many businesses and can recommend the financial advisor if necessary, and of course vice versa, this is a collaboration that can work for many years and provide work for both parties on a regular basis.


Finding clients is your job, not that of community members.


In addition, if there is not enough acquaintance to recommend you, the request to connect with customers will not yield results and there will be a feeling on your part that - it does not work for me!

Each marketing channel is amazing in its own right - Facebook, Google, or networking, each of which has the potential to reach its highest level of potential, but you need to learn how it works.

Even if you really try to change the chosen platform to your needs, what comes out of it is mostly frustration.


It is important to remember that networking is based on building a strong network of connections; it takes time and requires patience, investment of time, and work.

Why invest in networking? When the network of contacts works, it generates on a regular basis - connections, referrals, customers, and more.

Good luck!

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