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How to be a unicorn in networking?

The answer will make you happy - it's simple!


You don't need to know how to sing or dance with demanding daily training.

What is needed above all is to meet people all the time.

Here are the things to aim for:

networking unicorn

1. Let everyone talk about you - the more you go to networking events and create 1X1 meetings, the more people will be exposed to you, making them talk about you.


The sentence that usually follows the activity is: I met with XYZ, with a story about what they heard, which fixes your name in memory and strengthens your branding.

2. Be friends with the participants - relax, the intention is not that everyone will now become your personal friends and they will invite you to Friday dinners.

The intention here is to be at a good level of communication at events and to talk to as many people as possible all the time.


Even if it's a sentence or two, a question of interest, a small compliment, etc.

It leaves a good impression and deepens the relationship.

3. To be found high - there are a variety of actions that can be done to increase human search results.

The thought usually accompanies networking activity is "I'm not sure or I don't have anyone to refer this person to." This is really not the goal!

Sending a message and asking how the person is doing, forwarding an article or an event that may be of interest to that person, can cause the same results and sometimes more than that.


It is the thought that determines, it is reflected here.

4. You don't always have to be in the first place - "You must have a business card!" or "must have a website" and any other "musts", prevent you from moving forward.

Do and be your best, for sure there will be those who will give you a high score.


Start today, Over time the habit will make things easier, and you will also see the desired results.


Although you don't have to do somersaults in the air,

But you have to invest time and effort in it, like in anything you want to progress in.

Good luck!

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