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How to progress from likes to comments?

Let's start with Why respond?

- Comments give you exposure

- People are more familiar with your name

- In many cases, people have an interest in what you wrote and want to hear more

- It's an opportunity to be positive towards another person / to relate to a colleague, which creates rapport

And all this comes thanks to comments? Amazing!


Why do we refrain from responding?

The answer is simple - there is a fear that it will not be well received, will not look good, and as Tony Robbins says-

"If I am not enough, I will not be loved"

Because of this sentence, we stop ourselves from doing and calling those who do - crazy!

But, you know, it's not crazy, it's confidence, created by experience, lots of mistakes along the way, and learning what to do, one has to take into account, that making mistakes is part of the process and the way to succeed.

Digital social media

So, how do you do that?

Start small - respond to what feels comfortable but! You must set a target of at least 2-3 comments each day, you can choose smaller groups at first.

Proceed to the next step - check what discussions are on the same day, it is advisable to read the collected comments, understand the spirit of things, and respond accordingly.

Another step to success - find a discussion that has come up and is easy for you to respond to, Don't wait for more responses, respond immediately.

Now you're ready! If you persevere in this order, you will see that fear is only in your head and it is all about reactions to others.

Those outstanding will feel comfortable enough to start discussions on their own, amazing!


Remember - you have a lot of knowledge that is missing from others, your reaction contributes to the other person and every little closeness builds the relationship and commitment to you - do not give up this activity on social networks.

 Good luck!

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