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Opening doors in networking

Opening doors is one of the biggest bonuses in networking, here it comes ... but!

There is a lot of preparation, planning, and improvement work.

Let's start with the questions:

Do you know the exact role of the person you want to reach?

What do you have to offer that person so that he will want to hear what you have to say?

Are all your digital profiles up to date?

When they search for you on Google, will there be anything to find?

opening Door

The next step in the process will be to prepare the following:

1- About the business - it is important to be up to date and in addition any other material that should be sent by email

2- Go through your site and social media profiles

3- Do homework and understand whom you want to reach

4- Write a short paragraph that you can send to whoever can help so that they can pass the content on


In a time of recession, there are still organizations, institutions, and companies that need your knowledge and experience and maybe even new ideas that have not been thought of and can adapt.


You have to be prepared with everything because usually there is only one opportunity to present what you have to offer; it also includes knowing how to answer any question that will be presented to you.


It's important not to be too confident in yourself - first do all the initial homework, because there is a lot of competition for every opportunity and it is important to stand out and make an impression – WOW!

Good luck!

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