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What is the right connection at a networking meeting?

The answer - there is no such thing!


Connecting between two people does not have one way or pattern that makes the perfect relationship. It's important to understand that this is the way it works in networking as well.


What leads to every connection is the chemistry that is created; Feeling comfortable talking to each other, the booming conversation, common issues (business and personal), the desire to continue the conversation, and the pleasure of meeting again and again.


A successful connection creates the desire to make references to the other person, to give a good word, to find connections that fit the other person, and to contribute to mutual success.

networking meeting

What needs to be examined at the event to understand that there is a connection?

- Do you have a desire to keep talking? Excellent! At this point, we recommend that you make an appointment, I

f you continue talking all evening; you will miss the other participants

- Is there mutual listening? True interest, uninterrupted conversation, asking questions, and one of the most important rules - no attempt to sell the service from one to the other.

- Authenticity - You can feel it, it is valued and it is very important to create an initial relationship. Trying to be someone else can succeed once or twice, but in most cases, it is due to insecurity so, always be yourself!


Creating a network of contacts aims to stay for many years, and help promote one another. Your network of connections gives as much confidence and pleasure as the connection deepens. Make sure you nurture your relationships and continue to grow them every time you reach a networking event.

Good luck!

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