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How to Maximize Online Networking Meetings.

Networking during this period (covid 19) is only online. Although there is no need to travel to a place and meet traffic jams, there is still time and resources to invest; here are a few recommendations for you to do, to make the most of the meetings and for quality connections:


1. Close background noises - make sure there are as few interruptions during the meeting as possible. Do the kids want to eat? Make sure everything is ready ahead of time. Make sure they have everything they need for their studies or anything else that can take your attention.


2. Be Active - Prepare a notebook and pen and write down the names of the participants and what each one does (helps to stay focused).


3. Rate a desired connection level

Next to each name, write 1 / 2 / 3

Level 1 - Create a Zoom/phone meeting to get to know each other and build a relationship

Level 2 - Send an email / private message with the aim of attracting attention and examining if there is a base for collaboration

Level 3 - Connect on social networks, Facebook / LinkedIn, etc it is recommended for you to see each other.

Remember - you can never know what #3 can bring!

 (This is recommended at every meeting/conference to leverage your network of contacts)


4. Giving without purpose - the situation is now unclear and it is impossible to know what is happening in the other person's life/

No matter what – do not aim for a sale, we are here only to make a good connection and the beginning of a wonderful friendship!


5. Be present - Respond and relate to your new connections on social networks, and show that you are interested, this is the way to deepen the relationship and create continuity.

Good luck!

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