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What is Networking, and why is it "Not Working" for me?

  Sometimes what we're familiar with or experience at one moment translates into a certain meaning or understanding,


Networking – How to create my marketing people – part 1

Networking consistently increases in its importance for a business today. This is an inseparable part of a business' marketing efforts


Networking – How to create my marketing people – part 2

Networking is an excellent, personal way to create friends and colleagues for your business for years to come. 


A new business – Too bad I didn't know before…

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing.  The hot coffee and the morning sky feel like a personal victory.  I am self-employed!

Man Working at a Desk

How to Maximize Online Networking Meetings.

Networking during covid 19 is only online. No need to travel to a place and meet traffic, but there is still time and resources to invest


Social Networks – Who are they for, and why?

Little time, lots of work.  This expression certainly holds true for anything related to social media – You need to invest time.

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The ten rules for listening


Make sure to read it before attending a networking meeting, a conference of even a social gathering.

Digital social media

progress from likes to comments?

Let's start with Why respond?

- Comments give you exposure

- People are more familiar with your name

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Is it mandatory to sell to attract customers?

You don't have to tell anyone how hard it is sometimes to have a business. We have to do a lot to keep creating and producing.

One of the "symptoms" of this race is


Opening doors in networking

Opening doors is one of the biggest bonuses in networking, here it comes ... but!

There is a lot of preparation, planning, and improvement work.


How to stay in touch in a digital period?

The connection is built thanks to physical encounters, sitting and talking to each other, getting to know the energy and the vibe.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

I didn't feel the connection with you.

How to say no!

Let’s start by saying that you are not responsible for the feelings of others in response to what you say.

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How to be a unicorn in networking?

You don't need to know how to sing or dance with demanding daily training.

What is needed above all is to meet people all the time.

Here are the things to aim for:


Business Conferences – Client Maintenance

A business' marketing plan includes networking.  Follow-up is even more important than participation in the conference itself.

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Deepening the connection in networking and relationships.

These insights contribute greatly to deepening the relationship as opposed to a little effort. 

Antique briefcases and hats

Which hat is right for you?

There are many situations that we want to make changes or add another business hat, before you publish it...

Sparkling Wine At A Special Event

What is the right connection at a networking meeting?

Connecting between two people does not have one way or pattern that makes the perfect relationship. It's important to understand that this is the way it works in networking as well.

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Only 30% of your business network works...

Only 30% of your business network works

You're been active in networking for a while, it's time to move things!

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Unwritten agreements in networking...

In every field there are unwritten agreements, they have created thanks to the norm and culture of relationships.


What is the ideal connection and why is this issue so confusing?

Each of us has goals and desires, we know our target audience (if not, it's the time!), Reaching the target audience can be reached in different ways whether for a fee or not.

Pink and Green Tissue Roll Pun Fun & Sha
Marketing - corona - networking and toilet paper.

There is an amazing lesson on creating a need thanks to COVID19 and each of us must learn it and understand how to assimilate it.

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What are the calls to action that will make people do?

A call to action comes anywhere in life where you want someone to do a certain thing


Recommend or not recommend - that's the question!

Recommendations are definitely our goal in networking, or as many call it - the bottom line.


Create business closeness

Many times when someone says the word closeness, they talk about physical closeness. 

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Which is the hardest thing to admit?

The hardest thing to admit is that someone forgot us, we met, even a few times (and we're friends on Facebook), why it happens and what needs to be done

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I have nothing to give so we will not meet

The best way to expand your business network is to create meetings, but! 

Do you need to come equipped with potential customers for the other side?

See You Next Time

Cancel a 1X1 meeting and continue the relationship after.

We will start with a very strong and unequivocal statement - do not cancel meetings.

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The connection between customer service and networking.

Good customer service makes us feel good that the business owner cares about us and pay attention to us.

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