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Business Speed Networking

Our most energetic networking event since 2011!

The nature of the event and the time provided create quality references and many successful collaborations.

Why will Speed Networking contribute to the success of your event?

  • An opportunity for attendees to get to know those who came to the event

  • Excellent self-presentation training

  • Thanks to the familiarity between the people at Speed Networking, there are continuities and in-depth conversations afterward

  • The connections that result from the activity make people want to come to the event again and again

For conferences, the recommended amount of people for Speed Networking is up to 150 so that the operations team can easily control everyone and make sure there are enough people in each circle in each round.


Arrival, registration, and mingling - Includes 1 drink (beer/wine) - 45 minutes to 1 hour

Speed Business Networking - Around each table, there will be 4-5 business owners, each will have 2.5 minutes to present themselves and the business of course - 1 to 2 hours

Mingling and setting appointments - 15 to 30 minutes


An anecdote to conclude - we call this kind of event, networking for the shy;

There is no need to approach talking to different people or stand up and present the business to a plenary.

It is the best way to start if you do not like to speak in front of an audience.

The Most Effective way to do business!

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