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Which is the hardest thing to admit?

The hardest thing to admit is that someone forgot us, we met, even a few times (and we're friends on Facebook), why it happens, and what needs to be done so they don't forget us.


How could they have forgotten me?!

Once, only 2-3 decades ago, we had one dial telephone, one TV channel, and several friends going out to one cafe and everything was very simple.


Today there are huge amounts of communication channels, countless TV channels, the amount of social media platforms is intensifying, and competition - just growing, not just your colleagues, there are new professions that take your place (how could my clients go there!).

Plus - there are more tasks for our business, home, for us and it never ends!

Find the way

What does it mean and how does it work?

The burden of content makes us forget even what is important to us. Think how many times you saw a post from someone you hadn't been in touch with for a while, and then the thought popped - I totally forgot about him q her!

(Just before we go on, if you're thinking - I don't want to be one of those annoying people who keep posting - that's the best excuse in the book, give it up).


Not to worry, not everything is lost - the number of years you have been active means a great deal - there is no doubt that if there has been a period of several years in which you have been operating regularly, you have followers and a network of connections around you.


You don't know who's following you - did they see our content about a month before we stopped marketing or a year ago? Your potential clients follow you for a considerable amount of time to feel assured that you are indeed the "right person" for them.


No one will do the work for you - the relationships that work overtime are interpersonal, Respond to a personal post, and strengthen the business level, only you can do it because a certain relationship has already been established and there is a connection that only the two of you can appreciate.


Strive to find a way to persevere, be present, and strengthen the other. If there is a difficult time, contact a colleague who can help, there will always be someone who will be happy to contribute.

Good luck!

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