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About the founder -
Kineret Aizenberg

Kineret Aizenberg, business development, and marketing consultant networking expert, lectures and conducts workshops in the field of networking, marketing, and community management.

In July 2022 released her first book: Networking - how to create a network of connections from home.


Kineret began her journey as a business owner in 2010 as a marketing business consultant with the goal of promoting businesses.


Founded Networking & Wine in July 2010, an ongoing business networking events and conferences to make connections and networking between the various businesses in a pleasant atmosphere and added value.

This small organization became a well-known working community to this day. It succeeded in overcoming the corona period with special online and offline activities according to what was possible at the time.

The members who take part in the activities, benefit from the transactions made and the great collaborations, thanks to their regular participation.


At the end of 2018 founded Young Networking to teach young adults and youth the tools of networking and how to build a net of connections for any goal in life.



She graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Department of Geography with a specialization in tourism at the University of Haifa.

Has a travel agent certificate from the Ministry of Tourism.

Has a business coaching certificate.

Areas of expertise:

Lectures and workshops 

on the following topics:

1. Networking, self-presentation, and how to develop and create a network of contacts.

2. Managing communities

3. Organic digital marketing

The lectures are offered to companies, organizations, conferences, youth centers, professional associations, and more (in Hebrew and English).

Business Consultation

Mentoring and consulting

for building self-branding and marketing infrastructure - personal meetings to create impressive personal branding and a strong presence on social networks as needed (Hebrew and English).


Building content for conferences and events 

thanks to the experience of hundreds of events and conferences of business connections.

The service provided is professional content and networking activities for conferences, exhibitions, or business organizations (Hebrew and English)

Clients: Israel Railways - Technion Alumni Association - Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City - Jerusalem Excellence Program - Israel Bar Association- CPA Office Association - Ministry of Tourism and more

Over the years, a lot of knowledge and experience has been accumulated in marketing, management, and the development of many businesses and communities.

The main specialization is lectures, workshops, and networking activities in Israel and abroad.


Kineret Aizenberg

Networking Expert - Networking Training - Networking workshops - Lecturer | Author





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