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How to stay in touch in a digital period?

The level of connection decreases when not meeting, the connection is built thanks to physical encounters, sitting and talking to each other, and getting to know the energy and the vibe that does not go through the phone or Zoom.

Sometimes it's the other way around, there is a really good connection online but in the physical meeting, one discovers that it is not it (the dating world is very similar to it).

We are human beings and that's good! Thanks to this, real friendships are formed, whether business or personal.

Thanks to the connection there is a commitment to mutual promotion and we have a supportive circle through which the business grows and so do we.

What an excellent creation!

How do you make this circle continue when the guideline is - social distance?

Our main message to you is - do not settle for less.

A phone call or a few WhatsApp messages cannot make a real connection - usually, it is done in combination with a few other things at the same time and there is no listening that creates the magic.

Stay in touch

What to do?

A short Zoom call - half an hour is enough, beyond that, you lose attention, at least one of the parties (we are talking about a 1X1 meeting and not a work meeting) If you feel you do not have enough time, make an appointment to meet again.

A physical meeting - choose a pleasant place that is easy to reach, it is important to be clear in expectations in terms of masks, etc., so that there will be no unpleasantness. It is recommended to create 2-3 such sessions each week.

Go to networking meetings - the winning combination between meeting new people and deepening contact with those we already know. Every time we meet the same person again, the bond tightens, and the commitment increases. The meetings are intimate and there is a great opportunity to get to know and deepen the relationship.

Good luck!

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