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I didn't feel the connection with you.

How to say - No!

Let’s start by saying that you are not responsible for the feelings of others in response to what you say.

The basis of networking is relationships. As in any relationship, there are expectations, disappointments, and also emotions. Even though it's the business side, we're human beings and not machines so it's natural that this happens.

say no

The desire is that everyone will love us so that our name will go before us and people will want to work with us. The person who is injured, for the most part, will probably also express this to whoever asks, and therefore there is a precautionary measure.

Remember - not everyone will love us, you cannot please everyone and you can say no.


Hearing the word no is unpleasant but of course, depends on how it was said and what the level of expectation was.

How do you cope and what is recommended to do?

We have a tendency to get excited when we meet a new person and there is a connection or when a request is received for our service.

It's a feeling that is close to falling in love and it makes us a little blind, so before you create big expectations and make promises, take a deep breath and give yourself time to examine who the person is and whether there really is the desired match.


What do you say when it's not it?

1- Say it like it is: it is not possible for you at this moment or you have not found the connection to the idea in question

2 - Refine the news: For example, the amount of work was not clear and it is not possible, you committed to a competitor, the issue is problematic for you, and more

3- Little white lies: you can always invent something that gives a good reason, just keep in mind that this is a small world after all and they may find the truth from another source

4- Make a really illogical offer: whether in terms of price or conditions. Keep in mind that some may agree ...

There is no doubt that honesty is the best policy but sometimes it is difficult to deal with the reaction, the choice is yours.

Good luck!

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