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Young Networking

These days, you will find the youth close to their phone / TV screens, direct communication significantly diminishes between themselves and the immediate social environment.

Through networking, teens learn practical tools to help them develop their social skills and strengthen their ability to speak fluently in personal conversations and in public.


In a constantly changing world, networking develops entrepreneurial thinking, encourages the sharing of ideas, Encourages mutual awareness, understanding of general needs, and finding creative solutions.

Networking is a practical tool for achieving both short-term and long-term goals.


What will the participants achieve from the activity?

• Implement broad social thinking

• Ability to develop capabilities and self-presentation

• Acquire entrepreneurial and business thinking skills

• Mutual guarantee in the digital world

• Contribute to the community as a mechanism for personal growth

• Self and together - creating power from within the group


Networking workshops-


Workshop #1 - Acquire networking skills

Meeting topics:

-      What is networking – the definition and what it means

-      How to build my network – who can be part of it and how it works

-      How to maintain my network - How to produce and maintain continuity

The participants will be an active part of the workshop


Workshop #2 - Self-presentation

Meeting topics:

-      How to build a self-presentation – step by step, how to make an impressive self-presentation

-      How to add - a request for myself and how to offer help to others

-      Self-presentation by workshop participants


The participants will be an active part of the workshop


Workshop #3 - How to develop relationships

-      Empowering interpersonal communication - why it is good and for whom it helps

-      How to make opportunities into practice

-      Speech form that creates closeness and speech that creates distance

The participants will be an active part of the workshop

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