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Business tourism Israel - Israel business delegation

Many business delegations come to Israel thanks to the wonderful combination of history and culture with many business opportunities. The high-tech sector is the most famous, but you can find other industries that are very successful such as agriculture, the water sector, the infrastructure sector, and more.


Thanks to many years of working in the tourism industry, a personal connection with all the service providers in the field, and over 13 years in business networking and managing a large business community, we are happy to offer the service - of business tourism to Israel. This is a boutique service for business delegations only (we will be happy to connect you to different travel agents for other purposes), up to 20 people.

Business tourism Israel
Business deligation Israel

What do we offer?

The most significant thing for any business delegation is time management. It is important to take advantage of every moment during the stay and therefore, the creation and planning of the activities is done exclusively by Kineret Aizenberg, with the goal being to make sure that the visitors enjoy everything available to them.


We are happy to offer:
1. Booking hotels at different levels, mainly boutique hotels with high-service

2. Transportation at different levels

3. VIP service at the airport

4. Booking qualified guides and private tours

5. Booking attractions and restaurants according to the route and required level

6. Creating connections and meetings with local companies and businesses

7. Creating boutique events for exposure to companies and organizations, community managers, bloggers, etc

If there is a service that is not mentioned here, you are welcome to check with us and we will be happy to provide an answer or connect with another service provider.

Why me?

The beginning of my journey in tourism operations was in 1997. I completed a bachelor's degree in geography with a specialization in tourism and also completed a travel agent certificate.

From 2002 to 2010 I mainly dealt with inbound tourism.
During challenging times when there were fewer tourists, I contributed my part to the places where I worked in the operation of domestic tourism and outbound tourism.

From the beginning of my independent journey in 2010 until today, I accompanied dozens of businesses from small to large in tourism, I initiated the tourism and entrepreneurship forum which was the first and only one in Israel.
Thanks to the above and the many years in the field, I bring with me wonderful connections, great knowledge, and unique connections that can contribute to any business delegation that comes to Israel.

Feel free to contact me to see how I can help. I am here for any questions on the subject: 054-4774300

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