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Networking workshop

Networking – how not sell what you want to sell…

Marketing by word of mouth is the marketing that brings the most substantial business deals towards closure, and part of this type of marketing is consistent networking.


In this workshop, you will learn a detailed results-oriented methodology to expand the business network by various approaches, in order to get more clients and business collaborations.

Presenting what “Networking” is and the importance of networking for business.

Networking – Building Business Networks


Workshop schedule:

Part 1 - Self Presentation and Definition of Goals

The idea behind networking and the unwritten rules

Building an effective and impressive self-presentation

How to define goals for a single meeting, for each month and for a quarter of a year


Part 2 - Networking Strategies

How to build a profitable network and active marketing, people

How to create leads and "sell" services to others

What should I have in my marketing box for networking?


Part 3 - Continuity

How to remain in the short- and long-term consciousness

How to "introduce ourselves" into new opportunities

What to have in our toolbox and how to build my networking calendar

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