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I have nothing to give so we will not meet

The best way to expand your business network is to create meetings, but!

Do you need to come equipped with potential customers for the other side?

Is it mandatory to have Common ground?

Should there be professional completion?

The answer to all the above questions is - no!


The purpose of the meetings is one - to get to know each other business-wise

Everyone has a phone full of contacts-

One person, who owns the phone, has one on the phone list - father, sister, neighbor, lecturer.

For the other person, this could be the opportunity to open a significant door.


It is important in the meeting to learn and ask the following:

* Who are your ideal customers?

* What are the services of your business?

* What are the sentences that if heard, it is advisable to refer the person who said them to your business?

* What is the best way you would like to receive the referrals (phone, WhatsApp, email, etc.)

After the meeting, it is advisable to send each other about the business or any other document to pass on.


And more importantly-

1. Do not come with expectations!

2. Do not try to sell your service to the other party

3. Do not think that the person you are meeting came only for your business

The meeting is mutual for getting to know and deepening the relationship. If there will be interest in your service, it's great, but it cannot come from you.

Good luck!

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