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Networking & Wine” events founded in July 2010, an ongoing series of networking business events open to any small to medium-sized business, in order to connect and network between the various businesses in a pleasant atmosphere and with added value.
In these meets, many productive collaboration deals were formed and new, powerful business circles were formed which Kineret guides regularly. Currently, the meet-ups have expanded to the UK and the US to connect between Israeli business and businesses abroad

Netwotking and wine

You have come to an opportunity where you can get to know business owners like you, who are interested in excellent cooperation and targeted referrals without commitment or commitment.
Since 2010, we have had the pleasure of seeing profitable deals, successful collaborations, and getting to know so many quality business owners throughout our fun years.
Wine is our philosophy - in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, the business is successful and successful!!
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Kineret Aizenberg is a business development consultant, accompanies small and medium businesses, as an integral part of the escort, emphasizes and teaches the importance of business networking at every stage of the business's life.

Kineret lectures on networking in conferences and organizations in the business and social fields, and with a vision to assimilate networking as a constant activity in the marketing 

Kineret Aizenberg
What do we offer

Networking workshop - In this workshop, you will learn a detailed results-oriented methodology to expand the business network by various approaches, in order to get more clients and business collaborations.

Networking at Conferences and Trade Shows - The service we offer is intended for organizers of conferences and trade shows worldwide.

Business Speed Networking - The nature of the event and the time provided creates quality references and many successful collaborations.

Young Networking - Through networking, teens learn practical tools to help them develop their social skills and strengthen their ability to speak fluently in personal conversations and in public.

Our vision is to be a leading networking company to teach this skill to youth, in conferences, and for business owners starting their way in the business world. 

Our Philosophy - When you enjoy networking, business is better and more successful.

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