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How to Cancel a 1X1 meeting and continue the relationship after.

We will start with a very strong and unequivocal statement - do not cancel meetings.

Of course, there are obstacles in life and unexpected things happen, unless there is no choice, do not cancel!

What do you not know?

- The other party usually feels that there is no sufficient desire to meet and may be offended

- The person with whom the meeting is planned may want to examine you as service providers (this happens a lot!)

- Time is kept for you in the calendar; no other things have been set.

- Efforts were made to arrive at the meeting at the scheduled time (babysitter, long journey, delay in responding to customers, and more)

- People talk - Many tell others about the case sometimes angrily so it may come to affect beyond

See You Next Time

What is the responsibility of the person who cancels a meeting?

1. Give sufficient reason for cancellation

2. Be the one to set up another appointment in a few days

3. Apologize! It's important to show that you really regret the cancellation

4. Call and announce the cancellation as soon as you know it needs to be canceled

5. The new appointment you set will be at the convenience of the person who received the cancellation


One last thing - if you are not sure you want to meet a person, do not make an appointment.

Do not feel uncomfortable, it is better not to schedule a meeting at all than to schedule and then cancel.

Good luck!

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