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Networking & Wine

Networking - business - wine - success

Since 2010, we have been combining the business and wine worlds, bringing together professionals, and encouraging meaningful collaborations.

We believe that success flourishes when business and pleasure converge. Our network of thousands of professionals has witnessed remarkable partnerships and achievements, exemplifying that passion and profit can harmonize.

In 2024 we will start creating and promoting Networking & Wine tours in Europe.

We will be happy to connect with wineries, wine tours operators, etc to plan our future tours.


Experience the synergy of wine and business - where success becomes a delightful and enriching experience.

Networkinf & Wine

What do we offer?

We are experts in creating networking content and lectures for events and conferences of all sizes and industries.


The event was a big success. Kineret brought to the audience content and powerful tools that will serve the students years forward and tons of positive energy. She successfully moved everyone out of their comfort zone with a smile and compassion. This workshop had a wow effect on the campus. Students and participating staff gave very positive feedback mentioning that everyone found one or two practical things for the future,

Thank you very much Kineret Aizenberg, for such amazing lecture and networking activities you designed for us as part of our April’s Professional #networking event in mexicocity.

For four years now I have been doing networking solely through networking and wine. This is the only place a business owner needs. Quality business contacts and excellent lectures and activities. 

Every time I go in for 'Networking and Wine' a platform that helps share your business, created and developed by Kineret, I learn something intensely important for improving my business as well as I meet people that help me expand my connections with others.


3 steps to success

Meeting room

Step #1

Go to as many networking, conferences, and meetings as possible.

smile, listen, and offer your help.

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